Dogs Have Feelings Too.

Here’s something you don’t think about too often, Dogs Have Feelings Too.

I took my dog for a walk yesterday, all was good. Then I left for a bit, came back that evening, and all - wasn’t so good.

He wasn’t eating, he wasn’t interested in anything, he wasn’t himself.

Immediately I dove into the internet like always, he wasn’t sick, he wasn’t the normal signs of needing to go to the vet.

Then I read this - DOG BLOG

Couple takeaways from the blog:

-Canine Depression can be triggered by the loss of a family member (check!)

-Canine Depression can be triggered by the arrival of a new baby (check!)

-Canine Depression can be triggered by moving into a new house (check!)

Well, check - check - check.

I must be the worst dog owner in the history of dog owners. One event is bad enough, but stacking all of these issues into one animal, man, I had some making up to do.

So I woke up early, took him on a walk, gave him undivided attention, and sure enough - he got his groove back.

I realized that at this time when I was personally battling what might be depression, or grief, or BOTH - I didn’t take the time to consider the feelings of my dog. I didn’t take the time to consider the feelings of man’s best friend.

There’s a quote out there somewhere online that says “While a dog is alive - you might not have him your entire life, but to him - he will never know a day without you.” Quite ironic right?

I felt about two inches tall thinking to myself that I somehow let me own personal feats, get ahead of taking care of a very important member of my family. How could I do this? Martin wouldn’t stand for it.

So I’ve made it my personal commitment, that we will go on more walks, we will spend some more time together, and maybe, just maybe, he will GET to go on a trip with us one day.

To those reading with pets, do you and your pet a favor, and go spend some time with them. There will be plenty of time for your to focus on you, but for them - there will never be enough. Truth be told, all they want is your time and attention.

For the time that they are in our lives, we can try and make it the best. That’s what Martin would do.


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