Bringing You Up To Speed - Round 1

Martin’s lymphoma was supposed to be beaten by a chemotherapy regimen called R-CHOP. Per his original oncologist, this was said to be a “chip shot”. He was cemented to receive 4 rounds of R-CHOP, followed by a CT Scan to hopefully show results of a full recovery and remission.

Martin is definitely one of those snowball types of people. In theory, a treatment will go A-Z, in most of Martin’s cases, that goes A-B-C-X-M-L-K… Meaning it just simple is never the case with him and normally we run into complications along the way.

His R-CHOP chemo went like this… stay overnight at hospital, get all 4 meds that make up R-CHOP in one night, release to home the next morning, and then days 7-10 after the load, his white blood cells drop and he is prone to getting sick. His immune system would drop. So days 7-10 we are normally on a lock down at home and keep the place super clean and germ free. We are definitely not out in public on those days going out to dinner, movies, or the usual family things we did.

We would repeat this process 4 times. We missed out on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Martin responded very well to the doses of chemo each time he had them. Sure, there was some slight nausea, and we had our episodes of oral explosion (including my backseat of my jeep after it had a Christmas detailing two days prior… LOL). But in terms of him getting really sick, not being able to function, we just didn’t see it. As far as we were concerned, Martin was as he always was - a warrior.

We went into the doctor in December to hopefully get Martin’s final scan where his results would show clear. They didn’t. Scans showed the original lymph node (which was being attacked by the chemo) as well as one that had evolved behind it… We weren’t in the clear as we wanted.

The oncologist put him out 3 weeks for another scan, in hopes that maybe we just looked a little early at our progress…

So again, we were waiting.