Day One - CO

We traveled from Portland, to Seattle, to Denver. 

This normally wouldn’t be an exhausting flight. Normally. 

You see, normally, Martin carries his bag, pushes his suitcase, and walks the entire way. 

This trip was a bit different than the normal ones. We had Martin in a wheelchair, Marley in a stroller, we had 3 bags (we each packed for a few days and Marley had some items) two backpacks and a purse.

We looked like a family of pioneers ready to slowly make their way to their next destination. 

And somehow... we made it just fine. 

What made yesterday even more exhausting was the amount of phone calls, interviews, and appointments I had to line up for Martin. 

I felt like a manager to a celebrity, well, let’s be honest... for one day I was. 

We have activities lined up for him all week, thanks to a lot of coordinating and phone calls from family, friends, and supporters of NittyStrong. People are making connections on our behalf we could only have dreamed of being able to do. It’s a true sign of a community (or multiple... Oregon, Washington, Colorado) coming together and making miracles happen. 

We are simply in the middle of it all... spinning at a million miles per minute. It’s a gentle balance between taking in the hype, spending time with Martin, spending time with Marley, and managing the real emotions that will settle in when the dust does settle on that dreadful day. 

Part of me believes we are keeping busy so we don’t have to address the fact, or maybe we already have internally addressed it and we are just thankful that we get to truly live out these memories. 

I think I said it best to Martin’s Uncle Brandon as he and I were chatting about all of the chaos and media...

“Martin’s dream was to be in front of a camera talking... how could I ever deny him that now.” 

The truth is... I have seen Martin or held him every day for the past 8 years of my life... 

Maybe it’s time for the world to see him for the beautiful being that he is. 

Martin & I always had this little jingle we would do... I’d say... “You’re so Nitty... But... what is a Nitty?” He would say “The world may never know”. 

In the hospital last week... when he really wasn’t doing well... to try to get some words out of him... I did my normal “But... what is a Nitty?” And he simply replied...

“The world already knows...”

Maybe he was on to something there... and maybe to help all of us cope... he’s letting us shine his light so bright before the end. 

We begin Day One in his “Happy Place” and his “Forever Place” of Denver, Colorado. 


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