I Can't Stand Quitters, But I Can Understand Them...

Nobody has the perfect life. Let’s just cut to it. There once was a song called Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, and in many ways what a truth there was to that. This mentality that more, doesn’t always equate to happiness. This also might be the reason the Dalai Llama (Did I spell that right?) might seem to be the most peaceful guy in the world. The dude keeps it simple.

This isn’t a post about money, or religion. This is simply a post to say that I can’t stand quitters, but I can definitely understand them. Why did I mention the above? Because normal people can’t stay chaos… they crave comfort.

Some people, strive in chaos, they believe there is beauty in the chaos - they can find the beauty.

Martin left us with a quote that I put on our NittyStrong website that I think a lot of people breeze right over.

“Don’t Ever Give Up”

There are two types of people I think, there are people who talk the talk, and people who walk the walk. This can apply in anything, but you really find out who people are, when the chips are down, their back is against the wall, and all they have is the opportunity to fight.

Will they, or won’t they?

I wonder what it is that attracts people to Martin’s story so much. He viewed himself as just a kid from Portland, with a love for sports, and a knowledge that his life was ending. Then how could he have so much strength? How could he smile until the end, and with his last breaths just say “wow”.

You see, he was a fighter. He was born a fighter, nothing ever came easy.

He knew every day that just getting to breathe, was a blessing. The rest was just extra icing on the cake. Without all the bells and whistles, he would have passed in fulfillment. We are all seeking to feel fulfilled.

He left us with the message to “Don’t Ever Give Up” and he lived it.

So many people, don’t take advantage of they day they were given, so many don’t fight for what they want. So many, live in an unbalanced world.

This brings me to my title. There are quitters. That’s a simple fact.

I played on a sports team once, and when we would get down a few points in the start of the game, I knew for a fact we would lose - because they didn’t know how to overcome adversity, and they quit.

I’ve known people, who have faced things a tenth of the impact that Martin’s story had, yet they quit on life. This isn’t anything against them… they just hadn’t been exposed to anything worse. To them, this was everything. This was tragic. We can’t fault those who breakdown over “spilled milk” when they’ve never even tipped over the glass before. We can just be better people and try to uplift them, help them pick up the glass and wipe up the mess.

Grief, and the fight for life, isn’t about comparing dick sizes. (pardon the language).

It’s about perspectives, and maybe, through other examples, learning that you’re not alone in this world, and that there are others out there fighting a fight you know nothing about.

I think, Martin’s story was unique and followed, because rich or poor, Martin had what we all want - pure strength. Plus the man was fearless. Don’t we all wish we could say that?

I don’t believe in quitting in anything. But I 100% accept that it happens, and all I can do is be a support to those who need it.


Martin Howe