The Morning After - What's Next...

Initially I intended to bring you up to speed on what got us into the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. I was going to dive into the sadness, the heartaches, the bright spots.

It all really doesn’t matter right now… because no matter the story I share with you, it all ends up in the same place. It ends up with my son leaving the hospital into hospice/palliative care, and it ends up with us leaving to Denver, Colorado sooner than expected.

We are headed there for his final days.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t at least give you a little bit of background on the final 3 weeks of this battle

It starts after Martin’s allergic reaction to his RICE chemo. Let’s assume that it was the I (Ifosfamide). We left the hospital Monday after his chemo, we took him home and he didn’t sleep for 3 days straight. He was hallucinating, and was entirely confused. We went into the hospital because his labs were out of control.

Over the weekend that we took him in to get his labs straightened out, he got an infection (most likely because his WBC count was so low, and he was wide open for infection, and stuck in a hospital). So we spent a few more days battling that.

On the tail end of that (mind you were are like day 8 at this point, he begins to bleed from his bowel. This sparks tons of tests, waiting on results, and the need for several emergency blood transfusions. There were moments I thought I’d lose him right in his hospital room.

The results of these test are what bring us up to speed. His bowel had a lymph node pressing into it, and creating a hole. Two options, we remove the lymph node, shorten up his bowel, and he can’t get nourishment. Other option, we treat with chemo, the lymph node goes away, and leaves a gigantic hole That’s if his body could even keep up with the chemo.

So we go into a conference room yesterday, and from all teams… we get told “no”. Nobody willing to risk it… now the discussion becomes how do we make Martin comfortable….?

We are Denver bound… throwing a major house party in his honor, and we start his final ride.


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