What's The Right Way?

Here’s a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

What’s the best way to address me socially in this state of mind that I’m currently in?

I believe anyone grieving or going through an adversity could relate to this, we simply don’t talk about it enough. Let’s take for example, I lose my son to a specific cancer, and you tag me in or send me a post on social media of someone with the same exact cancer getting a better outcome…

Simple logic would tell me that maybe it’s too soon.

However, these are the kinds of things we get, often, if not daily.

I’m not opposed to people winning whatever battles they are facing, I just can’t stand when our feelings aren’t even thought about before things are sent our way. Am I being over sensitive? Possibly, but also, I think I’m pretty strong willed. If I am feeling this way, who gets upset when triggers are sent his way… I could imagine that others might as well.

I write this article not to slap the wrist of anyone, or not to sound like a social outcast… but to bring light to the topic and put a suggestion out there. When you’re approaching someone who is grieving a loss, or someone who is in the heart of a battle… approach in a reactive way, not proactive.

I don’t need more information about the latest gossip, because believe me, I’ve got my own. What I need, is simply a friend who lends an ear, and just says “hey… how are you doing?”. Honestly, that gets me to respond.

I write this article to anyone who hasn’t reached out to a friend in a while (maybe because they’re going through something) to push them to actually reach out. I’m not putting it out there that I need attention, but the lack of even hurts worse. So please, don’t be a stranger.

Speaking for grieving parties, or fighters… talk with us just like you used to, acknowledge what we may be going through or who we have lost… and just see how we’ve been.

Priorities change, people change, but it doesn’t mean a good “hello” from a friend won’t put a smile on our face.


Martin HoweComment