Because I Haven't Written In A While...

We’ve been flying by the seat of our pants this week. We landed Monday, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. As much as I might love blogging, I just haven’t had the time to do it. So I have taken to doing videos, facebook live videos, and posts on social media.

This whole entire week has been simply amazing. We’ve got a little bit of a following and it just feels so good. Martin always wanted to be on TV, and to broadcast about sports. To have a little momentum with the NittyStrong movement where people will literally stop us in public and pose for photos with Martin… is such a reward.

Martin has taken in a Nuggets game, where he ended up courtside and broadcasting after he got a tour of the media area. We took in a Bronco’s practice facility tour where he met some of the players, most notable being Peyton Manning. We have a big tour set for the stadium on Sunday…

Is there anything that isn’t happening for Martin right now?

We owe the thanks to a few (or many… we can’t tell) phone calls and people with amazing connections. They’ve really been the coal to the train and have allowed us to sit back and enjoy the smile on our son’s face.

I’ve been asked multiple times… “but what about you guys…?” I simply reply that I’ll get time to cope, but right now, the goal is to stay busy, focus on Martin, and live hour to hour. I spent 8 years with Martin… and was given weeks to months in a matter of minutes. If I didn’t already fear TIME, I definitely do/did now.

I love seeing and hearing from all of his followers, they speak about how he is inspiring to them. They talk about how he is taking what could be a very dark time in life, and living it with a light that shows through his spirit. There are people who relate to the cancer side of things, and there are those that simply just want something good to believe in. He caters to them all.

So what is next?

Well… We need to find a permanent place to live…

I want to grow the NittyStrong following, but in doing so, I’d love to feature people who are fighting their own battles, and share their stories of hope. I want to do this by interview, or by blogging about their stories. Lastly, when the time is right, our goal is to pay it forward to a lucky child who we plan to send on their own trip of a lifetime…

It’s been a crazy busy week, I can’t do it all, but just know that I love every single one of those who are following our journey and sharing their thoughts along the way.

Let’s continue to ride the ride until it stops. This is Martin’s moment.


-Justin (Dad)