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Thursday, November 7th - Orders Online & In Store 20% goes back to The NittyStrong Foundation.

Jersey Girl Pizza - Hillsboro, OR.

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What is nittystrong?

The NittyStrong Foundation started in 2019. Following the passing of my Son - Martin Howe. He fought a courageous battle against Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.

He would pass away peacefully in mine & my wife’s arms on April 5th of 2019.

The NittyStrong Foundation grants scholarships to graduating high school students pursuing journalism or broadcasting in college. We also fund local high school sports organizations with the necessary equipment for their sport of choice.

100% of your donations go back to students and student-athletes. Your donations make ALL of the difference.

We do these specific things for two reasons. First, Martin was an avid sports fan, and had aspirations of becoming a Sports Journalist. The second reason, is that for every sport Martin used to play, we would always find a unique way to fund and provide opportunity to the student-athletes on his team.

The short version of the origin of NittyStrong:

You can read the extended version - Here

While trying to occupy our minds during our initial 2-week stay in the hospital, we decided to take up the offer of “crafting”. That was when we crafted the first ever “NittyStrong” bracelet. Nitty, for Martin’s nickname, Strong, for the way he would face his cancer battle.

The first bracelet was made out of a piece of wire, and beads - super crafty. The rest of the NittyStrong bracelets would be made by an amazing company called Reminderband. They were easy to work with and turned out great. I strongly recommend.

This movement would go on to become a social storm. We had hundreds of people posting pictures of themselves with their #NittyStrong bands. We took to facebook & Instagram with support from friends, family, strangers. If you look up the hashtag #nittystrong you’d be surprised all the amazing things you’ll find.

-Justin, Joni, Martin & Marley Howe-

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